I don’t like this movie because social politics told me not to…

The world of a movie critic can’t be easy, but we still have issues with them. Are they getting too political in their critiques? Film is film. It can be made to send a message, but for big blockbusters like Marvel and DC films it should be about the actual movie. Some critics seem to forget that. In this episode we go into our views of movie critics and talk about some interesting news. Someone almost got eaten by a whale and some dumb lady got hurt by a jaguar. You can read more about those stories in the links on the show notes. Please leave a review wherever you listen. Stay tuned for more good stuff coming soon.

Another day, another episode. Seems like we have been averaging longer episodes lately. Who knows what the next will hold. Maybe it will be 3 hours, maybe 4, or we’ll throw you a curveball and it will be 22 minutes. It’s all a game to play with your emotions. On that note, thank you for listening. We hope you have been enjoying our content lately. Let us know what you guys think or if you have any topics you want us to discuss. Have a great weekend.

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