Oh, what a tangled web of jobs we weave…

Have you ever been curious about what our first jobs were? Well, don’t worry. We know you have been and now we will answer your calls. Stephen talks about his early days in movie theaters (the dream job) and the carpet factory. That’s not the name of the strip club either, it’s a store that sells carpet. I talk about working at a strange warehouse and McDonalds. Wasn’t glamorous but it paid. Not well, but at least it was money. We covered a lot of news and went off on many rabbit trails of distraction. Hope you enjoy the episode and thanks for listening.

Not much to say this week. We had an episode filled with interesting things. Had to cut some for time. Some of them we will go into next week. Don’t forget about our sticker giveaway and the book giveaway. Just DM us on Instagram. Have a good weekend and we’ll talk to you guys next week.

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