Oh Georgie boy. This is a what have you done for us lately business…

Should George Lucas get a pass for all his shitty projects because of Star Wars? In this episode we discuss that and much more. Lucas has always been a polarizing figure. The prequels exposed a lot of his flaws when it comes to writing, directing, well pretty much everything. He laid the groundwork for one of the most amazing, beloved stories of all time. Outside of that, it’s really been hit or miss. We talk about his producing and writing credits as well. Hope you guys enjoy the deepish dive into his career. Let us know in those comments what you think. Thanks for listening.

Well, this is officially our longest episode to date. Not by much, but it is. Hope you enjoy your bonus time with us. Lots of new lately. Been a busy time. My personal favorite from this week was the dad slapping the bully. Pretty much perfect in my opinion. We’ll keep the blog short since the episode was so long. It evens out in the end. I guess anyway. We will talk to you guys again next week. Have a great weekend.

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