Main topic might be a bit of a stretch…

What can we say? We don’t disagree on many comic book movies. Either way, it was a good episode. We talk about a lot of news and other fun shit. We do view certain movies differently for sure. Stephen made it clear he prefers big, world building stories. I like small scale character building, closer to dramas really. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Marvel does and I like it either way, but that’s what I prefer. Logan and The Dark Knight just changed the game for me. They are special films. So unfortunately, there were no fist fights or screaming arguments. Damn you Stephen. This is your fault. Anyway, thanks for listening. Don’t forget to leave reviews on iTunes or wherever you listen.

There are spoilers in this episode. So, listener beware. At the end of the episode we talk about Glass. Stephen watched it and we wanted to discuss it. You have been warned. Aside from that there isn’t much going on. Let us know in those comments what your favorite comic book movie is. Do you agree or disagree with our views? What do you guys prefer to see in a comic book movie? Big time world building stories or small scale more drama type films. Thanks again for listening and we’ll talk to you guys next week. Have a good weekend.

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