Be ready to greet your friendly neighborhood lizard overlord…

The question is would it be less threatening if it was aliens instead of lizard people? We think little grey dudes would be way less scary. But in all seriousness, there are some crazy theories about Antarctica out there. Some are way too bonkers to entertain, but others are very cool. Most things sound a lot better than deadly viruses waiting to be unfrozen or ancient ones prepping to destroy us all. Either way, it’s a fun topic to research. We definitely encourage you guys to do so. There is a crazy rabbit hole you can get lost down, so beware. Good luck on your journey. And keep in mind, we are in no way experts. We just did some research and discussed some possibilities. Don’t forget to review us on whatever platform you listen on. iTunes would be best. Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you guys next week.

So, the day I’m writing this, the Oscar nominations came out. We’ll talk about them some on next week’s episode, but I’ll also be talking about them on Was It Good Enough? I know the academy is mostly full of shit anyway, but this year is still surprising. Don’t forgot about the sticker giveaway. Message, comment, or email us your favorite episode and we’ll send you a free sticker. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Follow us on Instagram for more information about what’s going on. Maybe we’ll do a bonus episode soon. In the words of a great man, take is sleazy!

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