Nobody asked for it, but we did it anyway…

Why did we start a podcast? That’s a good question that we figured we would answer for you guys. We also talk about how easy it is to start one and you don’t need a lot of equipment. You may have noticed this episode was news heavy, and that’s because we knew the main topic would be pretty light. It just so happened there was some good movie news and other stuff out there this week. Let us know in those comments what you think about anything we talked about it. If you have any podcasts to recommend, we’d love to know. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to follow and review on whatever platform you use to listen.

The Punisher arrives tomorrow. Pretty exciting stuff. For Punisher fans anyway. We will most assuredly be talking about that on the next show. We might even have it all watched by then. Also, Glass comes out this weekend, so that’s big. I’ll have my review up by Friday evening on my other podcast, Anyway guys, hope you have a great weekend and thanks for listening to us. Don’t forget about our sticker giveaway. I’ll also announce it on Instagram as well. DM us there, email us, or leave a comment wherever you listen and tell us your favorite episode and we’ll send you a brand new hot off the printer/sticker machine DISCORD ACCORDs sticker. Talk to you later.

Discord Accords