Where the discord begins...

Welcome to the Discord Accords with Stephen and Jonathan! This is a new, awesome podcast that will feature loads of bad-ass content. We will cover everything from interesting news stories to sports to comic books to movies and tv. Episodes will be weekly, and we want your involvement. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions about what we cover. If you have an idea for an episode, let us know. Be sure to subscribe and download so you don’t miss an episode.

As a special first week rollout, we are uploading three episodes for you guys to enjoy. Our goal is to bring something valuable and new to our listeners. There will be weekly blog posting as well to let everyone know what is going on. Be sure to check us out on Instagram at @thediscordaccords and sound cloud. You can also check us out on YouTube at Discord Accords, where we will upload video within the coming months. Thank you for reading and listening, and we look forward to bringing more content to everyone. 

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