Reflection, it’s not just for mirrors anymore…

This episode was a bit different for us. Stephen wanted to talk about Christmas and what it means to us now opposed to when we were kids. Did we lose a piece of ourselves or did our views of the holidays just evolve? It’s a bit of reflection and nostalgia. Hopefully everyone will enjoy our Spectacular Christmas/Holiday/Whatever you want to call it Special Extravaganza. I will admit that I might be overselling it, but who cares. You can say anything on the internet, can’t you? This special will change your life. Also, we get to talk about a murdered elf crime scene so that’s pretty awesome. And remember, on Christmas morning don’t drink McDonalds coffee because they suck. I’m sure there is a gas station near you with the same quality. Don’t forget to let us know your feelings on the holidays in those comments. Have your feelings on them changed since you got older? If so, how? We would love to hear some other perspectives.

We announced the winner of the blu-ray giveaway on this episode. Congratulations again and we’ll get that out to you. Thank you to everyone else who entered, and we’ll do another giveaway in the next few months. Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas. Thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you guys again on Tuesday, which happens to be Christmas Day. You can gather around the fire and put on the episode. It’s fun for the whole family. Don’t forget to follow us on iTunes and leave a review if you can. Those are helpful. Also, on Instagram and twitter under The Discord Accords.

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