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How many streaming services do we need? Will Disney+ shake the landscape up? Given their major film library and their recent purchase of Fox, it should get interesting. In this episode we talk about some of the issues that might come from streaming service overload and when will enough be enough? Netflix changed the streaming landscape forever, but are they going to push themselves out? They are losing contracts to put more attention on original content, but a lot of it isn’t that good. And if it is good, we might not know it exist because their market is saturated and their algorithm sucks. It’s getting insane. Then there is the evolution of going to the theaters. Moviepass started it all and now things can never go back to what it was. No one is going to want to pay for individual tickets when subscriptions are available. I go to a lot of movies, and these services have definitely made it better. If you have any thoughts on streaming services or theater subscriptions, let us know in those comments. We would love to hear from you guys. Thanks for listening to THE DISCORD ACCORDS(imagine that in a super epic voice in your head).  

Well, Christmas day is almost upon us. We will be dropping our Holiday Special on the 21st. We will also be announcing the winner of our Avengers Infinity War blu-ray giveaway on that episode. Be sure to enter by messaging us on our Instagram @discordaccords, emailing us at, or using the contact us tab here and telling us your favorite Marvel movie and why. Good luck to everyone who has entered so far. And another shameless plug for my new podcast. Check out to hear my latest review about Aquaman and other movies. Thanks again for listening. We’ll talk to you guys again soon.  

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