Just take it off the page and put it in the talking pictures…

It really should be that simple, shouldn’t it? Someone did the hard part already. They wrote the story, characters, plotlines, and world. Okay. I’ll admit it’s not that easy, but sometimes it is. This week we talk about book to movie adaptations. Sometimes they are really good, but, shockingly enough, sometimes they are bad. We didn’t care for the way Spielberg adapted Ready Player One. The material was there, just put it on film. I won’t get into it here because we tackled it well on the show. Sometimes the material deserves better treatment, and this was one of those times. Let us know in the comments what you guys think about this subject. Do you have a favorite book that was butchered by a movie? Or do you have a book that was adapted well? In my opinion, sometimes it’s better to have something rather than nothing. I’m glad we have this version of Ready Player One, but I sure do wish it was better.

It’s a GIVEAWAY mother f*ckers!!!! On this episode we announced a blu-ray giveaway of the Avengers Infinity War. All you have to do to enter is email us at discordaccords@gmail.com, DM us on Instagram, or go through the contact us tab here on the website and tell us your favorite Marvel movie and why. Doesn’t have to be a long reason, just a brief description. We will announce the winner on our Very Special Holiday Bonus Episode. You have until December 18th to enter. Good luck to all. Aside from that, not much going on. Hope everyone is having a great December so far. It’s crazy that this was our 16th episode, not counting bonus episodes. We appreciate everyone listening and are looking forward to bringing you guys more great content. Let us know in those comments if you have any ideas for future episodes. One last thing, if you have any extra funds this month check out Toys For Tots. You can help make someone’s Christmas a lot better. It’s a great organization that does a lot this time of year. Well, enough of that. Have a good one everyone and we will talk to you next Tuesday.

PS - Stephen loves tater tots. They ain’t toys, but they is good.

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