That’s no moon, it’s a fake glowing orb…

Welcome to our bonus episode of Two Guys Talking About Shit. We felt like doing another remote episode and just kind of see what happens. We talk about a few different things including me bitching about Venom some more because that movie is just awful. Every time I think about the issues with it, it infuriates me that the studio thought any of it was a good idea. We touch on artificial intelligence again because it’s always fun to speculate. China wants to build a fake moon, which is kind of awesome but also insane. We talk about records being broken at Ironman Kona. Speaking of which, my wife finished her Ironman race this past weekend. It was long, hot day that was finished off with a torrential downpour for a couple of hours. It was hard fought but she finished strong.

 Just a few more days and we’ll be back home. It’s been a nice trip, but you know the old saying about home and heart and all that. Let us know what you think of this random mid-week episode. Subscribe to us on iTunes or your favorite podcast app to always be up to date on episodes. Thanks for listening and more good stuff coming soon.

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