The Earth is flat right? Or is it round? We just don’t know any more damn it…

Maybe it’s flat guys. Everything is changing. Gravity doesn’t exist. The moon is fake. The ice wall protects us all. We just can’t keep up anymore. This was an interesting episode because Stephen and I are obviously opposed to all these ideas. We both firmly believe the Earth is round, but we try to have open minds. We put some links in the show notes for you guys to check out if you are curious about this. Originally, I was just wanting to know why this theory is getting so popular. We still don’t know, but it was a fun talk. Leave us some comments to let us know your thoughts or if you know anyone who believes the Earth is flat. We would love to hear from you guys. In this episode we also talk about some cool movie and TV show news. We both finished Daredevil Season 3 and loved it. We have a spoiler free talk about it, then go into spoilers but we give a warning. Be sure to check the show notes for all the links to everything we talked about.

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