Autobots roll out...

If you are a breathing, walking, talking human you probably know what The Transformers are. My original introduction to them was through Beast Wars, but they have several iterations. Stephen has been a fan for a long time and knows a lot about their history. Once you listen to this episode you’ll know more about Transformers than you probably want to, but it’s all cool. The movie from the 80’s is so awesome. Great voice cast and did a good job of killing children on the inside. We also discuss Michael Bay movies outside of The Transformers world. In a way you could say his career is more than meets the eye. I hope you all see what I did there. Stephen and I greatly disagree on his movies and somewhat on Transformers. Let us know what you think about him in the comments.

Well, I’m still in Florida and it’s still hot. Halloween Horror Nights was fun. I’ll talk more about on our Halloween special we are doing this week. Hope all of you are enjoying the Halloween season so far. Stephen is probably still enjoying the nice cool Washington weather, while I’m burning alive. Can’t wait to talk about Halloween movies and other fun Halloween shit. Thanks for listening and be sure to leave a comment about what you think.

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