Stop showing us so much damn it...

Love them or hate them, movie trailers exist and are very popular. YouTube even lets us know every time the viewed record for a new trailer is broken. Most of us love movies and love seeing trailers for new movies we are looking forward to, but are they showing too much? In this episode, Stephen and I discuss movie trailers and how they have evolved over time to show more and more of the movie. While I do love them, I have started to watch less of them for movies I’m really excited for. I’m tired of plot points and other important footage being shown. It’s as if they no longer trust the audience and feel like they need to spoon feed us. We also discuss fake footage as well edited out footage. We view it as form of “bait and switch.” I won’t spoil the whole episode. Be sure to check it out and let me us know how you feel about movie trailers in the comments.

Well, another week and another episode guys. We are working on some new stuff that we plan on rolling out in a couple of months. I’m currently stuck in Alaska on work while Stephen enjoys the comfort of his home. Damn you, Stephen! We are looking forward to sharing everything we are working on. Just make sure you are following us on Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date. Thanks for listening.

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