Pick up a book people...

Are you interested in increasing critical thinking skills? How about improving your vocabulary? Well, reading might just be the answer, according to some studies. I know, I know, watching TV, YouTube videos, and movies is way more fun, but hear me out. What if reading for one hour a day made you a super genius? I’m not saying it will, but nor am I saying it won’t. But I do guarantee* it. I personally love reading and do it often. Stephen, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy it very much. If you have listened to our past episodes, you’ll know. As we discuss in this episode, I personally feel TV, video, etc. have gotten so smart that we learn way more from them than we used to. Check this episode out to hear more and let us know what you think.

Well, I’m traveling again. This time it’s not Alaska, it’s a little different. I’m in Florida. One could argue that’s an improvement, but I’m not sure. It’s hot and humid. Once again, Stephen gets to enjoy the nice fall weather of Washington while I’m stuck in single-season Florida. Actually, that’s not fair. It has two seasons. The rainy hot season and just the hot season. Either way, it’s October and Halloween is upon us. Scary movies and candy! My wife and I are going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. I’ll be sure to give that a full review in “Stephen and Jonathan’s Halloween Extravaganza Super Special Podcast.” Full disclosure, Stephen didn’t approve that name and it probably won’t stick, but for now it’s here. We are going to talk about our favorite horror movies and what we consider to be the best Halloween movie in our opinion. In the meantime, if you have a scary movie you like or want us to talk about, let us know in the comments either here, Instagram, or Soundcloud. Hope everyone is enjoying their October so far, and thanks for listening to The Discord Accords.


*All guarantees made in this blog post or in a podcast episode are in no way true and it is highly recommended you do not believe them.

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