A little bit about The Discord Accords Duo.

Jonathan spends his time watching too many movies, working out, running (which is terrible), reading, hanging out with his wife, and listening to podcasts. The latter is obviously what inspired me to start a podcast and there is no one better to co-host than Stephen. Our subjects will vary and sometimes will sputter into nonsense, but that’s what it’s all about. So buckle up and enjoy the show. Thanks for taking the time to hang out with us.

Stephen splits his time between playing the Division, hanging out with his fiancé, playing the Division, riding his motorcycle, playing the Division, and recording music in the studio he does not see often enough. It’s probably the Division’s fault…His love of all things tech and geek will probably come out often and heavy during the podcasts, so be prepared with a good drink. Unless you are driving. Then just dream about a nice drink. mmmm…Bodizafa…